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" 4 foot candle holders"

Click to see details of Terra Cotta Yin Yang Candle

Terra Cotta Yin Yang Candle


Click to see details of Candle Holder - 80 Per Cent  off

Candle Holder - 80 Per Cent off

was $15.00
now only $3.00 !

Click to see details of Cotton Water Bottle Holder

Cotton Water Bottle Holder


Click to see details of Alpaca Socks

Alpaca Socks


"... of color. These knit socks stretch to fit most adult foot sizes. All Natural, Undyed ColorsOur Alpaca Clothing and ..."


Click to see details of Three Panel Face of Buddha

Three Panel Face of Buddha


"... panel Face of Buddha with glass three candle holders. Hand-carved in Bali. 24" x ..."


Terra Cotta Yin Yang Candle 2 piece Terra Cotta Yin Yang Candle.
Candle Holder - 80 Per Cent off Candle Holder made of metal and wood, 18 inches across, 10 inches high
Cotton Water Bottle Holder
Alpaca Socks Soft & Warm Alpaca Socks in natural Black, Brown, Cream and Gray. Each hand-made pair is unique, with varying patterns and shades of color. These knit socks stretch to fit most adult foot sizes. All Natural, Undyed ColorsOur Alpaca Clothing and Accessories are made in the Altiplano of southern Peru from hand-spun alpaca yarn. Assorted Colors.Hand-Knit in Peru
Three Panel Face of Buddha Three-panel Face of Buddha with glass three candle holders. Hand-carved in Bali. 24" x 16".
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